Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your trucks and ambulances numbered the way they are?

Our apparatus follow a four-digit numbering scheme used across the St. Louis metropolitan area, excepting St. Louis Fire Department and Brentwood Fire Department. This scheme enables us to recognize what district and house the apparatus is from and what type of equipment it is. Let's look at rescue pumper 2414 as an example.

The 24 is Eureka Fire District's number. All the apparatus, ambulances, and staff vehicles that belong to the Eureka Fire District will have the number 24 at the beginning. The third digit identifies what house the equipment is stationed at.In this case, the truck is coming from our engine house one. The last number tells us what type of equipment the truck is. The number 4 tells us the truck is a rescue pumper. Other equipment designations include:

  • 0: Pumper
  • 1: Pumper
  • 2: Ladder
  • 3: Tanker
  • 4: Rescue Pumper
  • 5: Combination (Ladder, Rescue, Pumper)
  • 6: Rescue Squad
  • 7: Ambulance
  • 8: Brush Truck
  • 9: Other (Boats, Command Posts, etc.)

What do I have to do if I want to have a bonfire?

Click here for a fact sheet on open burning